Our Talent Stories


My experience with Year Up has always been a positive one. Since entering class one in 2001 in Boston, MA, they have encouraged me to dream big and work hard to achieve success. My experience with YUPRO Placement is no different! In the summer of 2016, I wanted to rejoin the corporate world and reached out to YUPRO Placement for potential opportunities. Not only did they assist with resume and cover letter writing, Patricia and Wendy helped me prepare for interviews and my elevator pitch. After a series of interviews, I accepted a 5-month contract with the local Boston non-profit, Strategic Grant Partners. YUPRO Placement continued to work with me on my weekly one-on-one weekly check-in calls to ensure I had the necessary tools to be successful in my position. I am extremely happy to say, that after 2 short months on assignment, I was offered a full-time salaried position at the organization! Two months after my conversion to perm, I received a promotion and a raise. Year Up has always been dear to my heart. I started my lifelong relationship with Year Up in 2001 when I entered Class One, and more than 15 years later, YUPRO Placement is continuing to help me realize my full potential!

“Crisandra is whip-smart, hard-working, and funny. The candy she keeps at her desk is low on the list of many reasons to stop by and say hello.” – Crisandra’s Manager, Claire